Wayne Skyhawks
4 H Club
(circa 1972 - 1975)

George attaching the micro clips to an Estes D powered Omega. This rocket was carrying a Cineroc.

Ken Montayne's Camaro was the usually the power source for the launch pad. The model rocket that was launched had a composite engine, smokeless. You can just about make it out, center but low in the picture, the nose section just breaking the horizon.


George and Jerry recovering the Estes Omega Cineroc combination.


Chuck with a Cineroc ready to fly.
The links below point to some PDF files which contain Wayne Skyhawks Club records.

Wayne Skyhawks Newsletter

Wayne Skyhawks Newsletter
(March 1975)

Newspaper Articles of Past 4H Club Launches / Events
(You need a PDF reader to view this files)

Launch Date May 10th, 1972

Launch Date July 3rd, 1972

Launch Date August 4th, 1972 (page 1)

Launch Date August 4th, 1972 (page 2)

Launch Date April 29th, 1973

Launch Date May 5th, 1974 (Page 1)

Launch Date May 5th, 1974 (Page 2)


All Systems GO! for Wayne Skyhawks

Wayne Skyhawks Officers



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