Ford Pinto Racing Car

This is roughly the condition of the Pinto when I started.
The body was in very good condition.
(photo circa 12/76)

This is the 'tub' stripped of most mechanicals.
I left the rear axle in, so it could be moved 'wheel barrow' style.
(photo circa 6/77)

Roll cage being installed. John's handy work is evident.
(B&W photo circa 11/78)

Scott Conway preparing for paint.
(photo circa 8/81)

The primer is on, drying, just waiting the wet sanding.
(photo circa 8/81)

Race cars look real nice when they are new.
They don't stay that way, unfortunately.
(photo circa 9/81)

I may have put the Pinto together mostly by myself, but I had help. Lots of help.
Racers almost always reference "We" won the race or "We" will get it right the next time.
John welded my roll cage, Scott painted the body, the list is endless.
It is a team effort, even for us grass roots racers.
I thank them all and I hope they had fun.

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