Hot Rods and Street Cars I Have Known in the Past


Tom & Mike Gortych.s Camaro

Mike and Tommy's 1967 Chevy Camaro.
Chris w / helmet drove the car at "Englishtown"
Raceway Park in Old Bridge, NJ.
(photo circa 1976)

George & Jerry Working On Maverick

Maverick With V8
Georges Maverick

Wagner's Ford Maverick.
George swapped a 200 cui 6 Cylinder engine for a 302 cui 8 Cylinder. 
(photo circa 1976)

Michael Gortych's GTO

Michael Gortych's Pontiac GTO.
The car had the GM 'Disco Tech Option',
the dashboard and interior lighting always flickered.
(Photo circa 1980s)

Tom Gortych's Camero

Tom Gortych's Chevy Camaro RS.
The car was co-owned with
his brother Michael for several years.
This car was fast. I never beat them with my Maverick.
(Photo circa 1980s)

Bob's Datsun 510 in Wyoming Bob's Datsun 510 in Wyoming

Bob Markhouse's Datsun 510
(Photos circa 1980s)

1974 BMW 2002

George owned a '74 BMW 2002 for quite a while.
(photo circa 1981)

Ford Mustang Ford Mustang

        George owned a '81 Ford Mustang GT for quite a while, too.
Fast car and handled great for a Mustang.
(photo circa 1983)

1987 Dodge Charger

George owned a '87 Turbocharged Dodge Charger as well.
(photo circa 1988)

(photo April 28, 2004)

My Subaru Impreza @ 100K Miles

Eric Mund's NASCAR Busch North Series Racecar

Eric Mund's NASCAR Busch North Series Racecar
photo May 13, 2006)
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BMW Gathering at the
Swim & Sports Club
Emmans Road
Flanders, NJ

October 11th, 2008

BM Feast 2008


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