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Datsun 2000 Roadster SRL 311-05395

Here is a good shot of a not so great shape Datsun 2000 in my driveway.
The body and mechanical(s) were "fair". It didn't run. It needed TLC.
The previous owner, Russell Nixon, sold it to me with the hope that it got a proper restoration.
This car came from a roadster family, both Russ and Claytie owned one.
This one was Claytie's.
(photo circa 7/82)

The engine (sans transmission) removed from the car.
At this point time I had a spare motor in the garage almost rebuilt.
I 'pickled' this engine for future use/reinstallation.
(photo circa 7/82)


Way back when, on the outside, it was a Datsun.
Any one under the hood, knew it was a Nissan.
(photo circa 7/82)

Never can take enough pictures.This is the Datsun fresh from the body shop.
All of the old body filler was removed. The metal pounded back to shape.
Welds and solder in the body panel cracks. It was a really a nice job.
(photo circa 10/83)

This is the Nissan's name for Datsun/Nissan convertible.
I can often apply this to my bride when it comes to the many hobbies she inherited through marriage.

Here is a not so great shot of my Datsun,on the trailer again. Someday soon, it will be under its own power, all the time. The beautiful woman, in the shadow, is my wife Dot. She has quite a lot of experience loading, trailing and unloading automobiles, since she met me.
( photo circa 9/97 )

Here Christopher & I are giving the car a wash. It was a nice day, a chance to go out for a drive.

(photo circa 6/00)

Time to go! After we have to fold the top down, though.
(photo circa 06/00)

This is a not-too-good shot coming home from the first trip of the season.
(photo 6/13/00)

This is my Datsun Roadster Projects Page.
I have a list of the things I did for my car, you might find something of interest.

Installation of new air cleaner assembly.

New Dunlop / Sumitomo Disc Brake Calipers are getting very hard to get,
expensive, even the rebuilding kits are not cheap.

Adapting Volvo Brake Calipers to the Datsun 2000 Roadster.

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