These are some of the pictures I have collected during my Model Rocketry adventures.

George Wagner and Mike Gortych at work assembling an Estes Camroc.
(photo circa 12/71)

Howard, John & Jerry setting up a small model rocket.
(photo circa 1972)

This is a radio controlled Estes Sky Dancer
which was powered by 2 D-12's.
(photo circa 12/72)


This is Chuck Mund and his Space Shuttle.
(photo circa 10/73)

Click here (or the picture) for the Wayne Skyhawks 4 H Club page


This is Chuck Mund and his F Altitude Competition Model @ NARAM in Manassas, Va.
(photo circa 10/74)


This is Chuck, again, with a scaled up Cherokee "F".
(photo circa 6/85)

This is George and Chuck preparing some rockets for flight.
(photo circa 6/85)

This is John Holmboe attaching the ignition leads to his bird.
(photo circa 6/85)

This is one of the many unique designs Chuck created.
This paint scheme was particularly attractive.
The Right Stuff.
(photo circa 6/85)

There was a licensing procedure in New Jersey for the purchase of
the small black powder 'Estes' model rocket engines. The buyer
had to get a permit from the Bureau of Mine Safety Division.
The buyer had to be 18 years old and applied for the permit yearly.
The fee was (2) two dollars.
(Time period as early as 1971; through 1992)

This is what the permit looked like.

This is my correspondence with the Governor of New Jersey
to pass a bill removing the licensing requirements. (1992)

Pola "Brick

I also built plastic models. I am developing a Model Construction Page
and a Jetex Model Construction Page.
Its a shame that I didn't take more pictures while I build.

(photo circa 3/07)



I attended NARAM 50 & the Old Rocketters Reunion
in The Plains, Va.
July 2008

More to follow !


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